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Reel Breakdown

Gnomeo & Juliet - Facial Rigging Lead

- oversaw the building of all character face rigs in the film.
- led a small team of artists during the production.
- worked closely with the animation leads to design the facial system.
- scripted custom rigging systems.
- personally built the face rigs for several characters, including:
     - Paris (the gnome with red hat and glasses) - all blendShapes and deformers.
     - Bulldog - all non-blendShape deformers.

Dolphin Tale - Modeling/ Rigging Lead

- oversaw the creation of all digital characters, sets and props.
- led a small team of artists during the production.
- ensured that all digital assets closely matched their real-world counterparts.
- personally built the rigs for all CG dolphin characters.

"9" - Character Rigger

- built the body rig for the human freedom fighter.
- built the facial rigs for many of the “ragdoll” characters, including:
     - "9", "7", and "1" - blendShapes and deformers.

Chop Socky Chooks - Character Rigging Lead (Season 1)

- oversaw the character rigs for the recurring characters in the series.
- worked with animation leads to revise and update the characters for each episode.
- built and rigged new costumes and accessories as required.

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